Ughhh – spit it out

Can’t stand for the taste of the stick that thrown into your drought

Twisted paste and pale fragile waste, I’m bored down by the softest sound, my drown



Thick and dark, my art

Like a woman who casts her own shadow onto this page

A maze for mage – I leave the heartest scar, and let the blood dribble down far

Far, further we go, the sound is harder and the sacred par is to grow

Held up for last times, and heaven’s sake, as the devil feels strong in my heart when I faint

Again, to close my eyes, and take control, leave me to despise my role in this treachery and play, I can’t even start to breathe

What was left for me.  What was left to see.  A heart’s empty suitcase, from a travel never meant to fade.


I can’t believe it! The rhythm! Glaring incision to the dream space and, fission, my queen – burning souls meet and the fearless giant reaps, what she sows, that sow, my hog-buck-wild, the jealous jelly suckle, firm lips, and subtle supple, my thighs quiver, her long hair shivers – take me pony, ride – I meant no turn to be sly, just a whispering gorge for your mind to be tied.  And rake me, tilt me up, please shake my heart, right from it’s cage.  Rage inside, left firey indignation and turn around once more for me baby, I love that score.

Shelving Units

It’s been a while since I sat with myself.


So busy here finding, what fits on my… shelving units.


They hold what’s useless.  They hold me.


The worries in heaven, they fall here.


Like snow.


I collect, collect… Collect dust on my shelving units.


Organize again, I organize again… again, just so –


alone, I find myself here.  I’ll sit with you friend.  Don’t be afraid.


Again my fingers curl, bend by their breaks, and creek into air.  No one hears, the screams are gray against clouded skies, I look up to find her wings, bleeding at the seams, she withers right away.  I rot inside before her grave and the beetles crawling lead me to see the rain.


I am only typing now.  I was using my tears.  Now my thoughts are paper, digital.  I

felt everything.  Now there is only words.  A map back through the past, to see her again.

My god I felt so aware – I could feel it too.  Her number, her name, her scratches on pages

left me to be alone.  She tore my heart and I ran from her.  I broke her art.  She coughed

and I caught it. Love. Pain that is love.  Love that is pain.  The entirety, at once.  I can feel

them both.


Now I spit because of habit, compelled by necessity, to fit the form of propriety, but taken back for the moment of haste, my soul is a goal that the world must taste, so rip me in, breathe me out, feel my tingles in your hair, and feed my story to your doubt – there – within – no more worries – just sin – heavy wages – broke – in tears – hearts earned – and betrothed to fear.  Make me what I was and you’ll see, I’m a cage for your heart, now please set yourself free.


Skyscrapers are flowers and trees, not men with disease

They build to the sky, to find what gives light,

their quest not to martyr, but to collect what is right

For them and their kin, and their family of friends,

Their circle of love is a boundary, and they leave for above

To gather what they need, and to take what their bodies seek – For the fuel of society is attention, and the atmosphere within is their reach


I wrack my brain, refuse to train, the liars in me, are out to gain

For what do I have, but a flicker of light, and a greed for mountains, not even in sight

Tear me down, or build me up, my heart cares not, my eyes are aglut

Will we find a better meaning, or search for what’s still not there?

Three sockets to fit my soul’s power, but not one to dare… I’d best prepare