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Personal Training Business Ideas

Here is a compilation of free ideas for personal trainers to use:


Give each client an introduction into excellence + commitment

-Give each client a notebook, a water bottle, or something similar.  Perhaps a fridge mirror that says “Awesome”.  Make them feel introduced into excellence and commitment, with all the pomp and circumstance, and consideration and care of a wedding.  This is their new life, and challenges will arise.  Give them a memory of commitment and excellence to hold on to.


Video Documentation + ‘Graduation’ Celebration

Keep video documentation of the client, noting their confidence, body shape, and energy as they progress towards their goals.  This footage can be edited into a movie that can be given to the client.

At the end of the program, when the client reaches their goal, plan a celebration/party with all of the clients friends.  At this party, you can have the video you made playing, just like you might see at a graduation party.


Real World Training + Education

Take your client to the grocery store to teach them methods of healthy shopping.  “Buy produce” is too vague.  People need to see someone doing it with their own eyes.  You can show them how to navigate the grocery store, which aisles to frequent, and which aisles to go down only when you are going to treat yourself.  Each aisle has a purpose, and there is no wandering, mindlessly grabbing what catches attention…you’re a personal trainer – you know how to do it!  You just need to show them 🙂

Create this same event at the client’s home – in their kitchen.  Teach them systems to make the preparation of healthy food as SIMPLE AND LIKELY as possible.  You can take a trip to their favorite restaurant as well, to apply this same method of instruction.

Finally, work with them to create a space in their home which can be dedicated to exercise.  The goal is not to get clients reliant on you for fitness… it is to empower them to self-excellence – so much so that their friends notice their success and ask how they did it.



Keep in contact with your clients during the day via mass text (with their permission/understanding, of course) or social media updates – preferably before lunch and dinner time.  A reminder can be more than just a reminder… it can be a feeling of being part of something.  It’s up to you to make it feel positive and significant.


Dollar Bill Weight Loss (Cash incentive to lose weight) – This one seems very experimental, but sounds interesting.

-Flat training / nutritional education + diet plan fee

-The client receives money back for each pound lost (or each pound of muscle gained)

-If the client does not lose/gain according to goals, they still get personal training and education/nutrition/training knowledge for their purchase.

Size = Narcissism?

This post is about fitness, muscle, personal image, and awareness of what is truly important in life.  And it is short.

For me to want to be 200 lbs (I weigh ~150 right now) that would take significant work + upkeep.  There must be a good reason.

For me to enjoy 150-160 is fairly easy.  What is truly important to me?

Awareness of my weaknesses, tensions, and limitations (conditional & genetic) all contribute to create my own personal blueprint.  Without understanding myself, I am relying on comparative estimates held in the example of other people and their testimony.

What is actually important to me is looking good (to myself), feeling powerful (subjective), and relieving myself of body aches/pains.

What is important to you?

Music Video

1- scenes with 1 musician on every instrument, playing at the same time (probably already done)

2- dancing (and/or walking/dancing through the street) and using whole body dance gestures to signal arms/hands/instruments to appear playing that part of the song


Cooking Videos


-1st 15 sec.

~”Hey everyone who likes things fast and direct, click here for the abbreviated video” (say this in a faster paced, excited voice)


-16 sec. on

“Or if you’d like to set back, relax, and settle in to the enjoyable experience of cooking for a little while, then join me or the next 20 minutes while we open up these joyous little beans into a world of smooth, rich, and creamy possibilities.  Feel free to cook along with me, or if you’d like, grab yourself a glass of wine, and I’ll take you through the process, step by step.  Go ahead, gather your things and meet me right back here.  I’ll wait for you.


Modern humans, maybe with a short + stocky bearded man as the protagonist(s).

The undead are a part of life (alternate universe).

The paladins go through and smoke the undead:

-hitting them w/ holy hammers, sending their parts flying + vaporized in an enjoyable manner to watch

Paladins are like plumbers going to work when a leak (undead appearance) happens.

Crack A Walnut

In honor of the great late glorious Jack Lallalanalne, let’s do something special.  Let’s follow his illustrious advice, and use our device, to create a vice.

Here we go,

Just as he directed us, stand strong, firm, feet planted…now squeeze your glutes! Squeeze them hard enough to crack a walnut between them!

*Insert man/woman demonstrating this on an actual walnut:

-he/she places the walnut


-walnut is vaporized, in a puff of finely powdered walnut debris

Just Ask!

What do you want?                               

There it is.  That’s the only question you need to answer, and then all of life will become clear and simple and oh so easy to enjoy.  Think I’m bullshitting? (You absolutely should at this point, unless you’re the gullible type)  Well, I am.  It’s even simpler than that!  

You don’t even need to answer that question… you just have to ask it.

What happens then?  Then, you listen.  And life happens, don’t you worry about that! Whether or you like it or not, life circumstances will find you, and you will get all sorts of answers.  All you have to do is open your eyes, ears, and any other sense you can muster to search for your answer.

How?  What does this look like?

2 Steps (Yep, that’s it… short article)

I will use myself for an example.  Let’s run through it…

1. Ask the question (Speak)

What do I want?” I will say this out loud right now, genuinely feeling it and thinking it with curiosity.  There I did it.  Step one complete.

2. Seek the answer (Listen)

Now I observe.  I observe my thoughts and the world around me…  Hmm, my mind was mostly blank.  I better keep listening…

Hmmm, writing may not be the best…Wait…there’s a pain in my back.  I’ve been dealing with a back injury for the past few years.  I want to get rid of this pain.  That is something I want.

So now I have an answer.  I want to get rid of my back pain.  How do I do it?

1. Ask the question (Speak)

How do I get rid of my back pain?  I genuinely want to know, especially when I feel the pain. (Pain is a great signal to pay attention to – It is your body caring for itself… for you.)

Step 1, done.

2. Seek the answer (Listen)

Ok, step 2.  Well, I know that there are professionals who specialize in back pain.  I know that exercise helps.  I know that sitting at a computer screen hurts.

This gives me 3 answers – 3 actions that I can take IMMEDIATELY (Why wait, right?):

  • Seek out a back pain specialist
  • Do some strength training
  • Take some breaks while typing this blasted blog

Okay, great!  Have enough to keep my busy for a while.  I might have to miss a few TV shows, or kiss my TV goodbye (Just for a while darling, it won’t be long!), but I know I can do these things.

But wait… How do I find a back pain specialist?  Or how do I know what exercises to do?

1. Ask the question (Speak)

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

2. Seek the answer (Listen)

That’s right – All you have to do is follow these two steps until the end of time.  And guess what… for technical, logistical, and all sorts of other questions, Google is there for us.  If Google can’t provide you with the answer you seek… well then, that’s a good question.



Just ask! Once you ask, then you listen.  Once you get your answer, you know what to do.  And if you don’t… Ask.  Once you know what to do, you can do it.  If you don’t know how, ask.  Ask, ask, ask, ask.  Don’t be ashamed.  Baby’s do it, and those little beasts learn faster than any other organism on the planet.  Own your birth rite and ask the question.