Music Video

1- scenes with 1 musician on every instrument, playing at the same time (probably already done) 2- dancing (and/or walking/dancing through the street) and using whole body dance gestures to signal arms/hands/instruments to appear playing that part of the song


Modern humans, maybe with a short + stocky bearded man as the protagonist(s). The undead are a part of life (alternate universe). The paladins go through and smoke the undead: -hitting them w/ holy hammers, sending their parts flying + vaporized in an enjoyable manner to watch Paladins are like plumbers going to work when … Continue reading Paladins

Crack A Walnut

In honor of the great late glorious Jack Lallalanalne, let's do something special.  Let's follow his illustrious advice, and use our device, to create a vice. Here we go, Just as he directed us, stand strong, firm, feet squeeze your glutes! Squeeze them hard enough to crack a walnut between them! *Insert man/woman demonstrating … Continue reading Crack A Walnut