Planets Move

Do it so, planets move

You teach me delight, my soul can choose


I know hearth and as my mind tumbles

Break away into the shadow


Heart underwater, free of space

Alarming ring, to the pace of dreams


Roses grow, a garden of yours

Do as you wish, the rain the same


Left alone, the deepest fear grows

A childhood monster, adolescent throws,

A glimpse of eternity, and the bliss left for others when the cycle is torn,

Her art scorched, and the new maiden born


The Gig

It’s the gig.  It’s all there is.  Our body, this physical realm, the invisible electromagnetic fields in between, gravity, all forces known and unknown to man.  It’s more than we can perceive, but what we can perceive is happening.  It’s what is.

Our minds, our experiences, our thoughts, our stories – they are all wrapped up within our nervous system.  They are only a fragment of reality – the whole of which is seemingly endless and interconnected.

It would seem we have to choices – two extremes:

  1. Live our lives with a focus on our mental stories and projections… the movie going on in our heads.
  2. Live our lives with an awareness that includes the external world… the reality that is actually happening, at this moment, both internal and external.

The choice seems to be one of focus – do we focus on our personal story, or on physical reality.  The answer seems pretty easy:


Here’s the kicker… #1 consumes focus like we consume oil.  Relentlessly.  Sometimes to the point of ignoring #2.  If someone’s internal reality is so strong, they can choose to ignore reality.  This can be a benefit (think of pain endurance)… or a hindrance (think of someone in a fit of rage, convinced they are right and need to win an argument).

#2 supplies #1 with good material.  There’s nothing wrong with a story – in fact, storytelling is arguably humanity’s greatest ability.  But without observance and appreciation for the present moment, our stories can get out of line pretty quickly.

#2 first, #1 second…. the opposite order of bathroom business.

How Are You Feeling?

How are you feeling?

This question is almost always misinterpreted.  

I am feeling angry.  I am feeling well.  I am hungry.  These are answers to the question “What are you feeling?”.  To answer the question, “How are you feeling?”, I must answer the how.  I must also define ‘feeling’.

To be practical, I will define feeling as ‘perceiving emotions and physical sensory input’ (This is 1 of our 5 senses: Touch).  To answer the howI must describe my capacity to feel.


Example answers to the question, “How do you feel?”

Bad Answer (the meaning is vague and unclear)

I feel okay.

Decent Answer

My ability to feel is okay.

Good Answer (the meaning specific and clear)

My ability to feel is okay – I am aware of my body and thoughts, but some of my emotions are not clear to me.


Think of the consequences of this in a social situation…

James is not feeling well… his ability to sense others’ emotions is hampered by his thoughts about a stressful day at work. He goes to a party, and just does not seem to be able to connect with anyone around him.  He takes his friend Billy aside from the party to talk to him about this.

James: “I just don’t feel welcome here… Everyone seems so disinterested in what I have to say.”

Billy: “How are you feeling?”

James: “Well, fine, except for this problem.”

Billy: “No, no.  How are you feeling?  Can you feel the people in the room?  Can you feel your body?  What is your ability to perceive yourself and other people right now?”

James: “Oh… Shit… I haven’t been feeling at all!  I’ve just been thinking about my stupid day at work.  Wow.  Now I can feel a little bit of lingering stress, but I am also starting to feel like I can relax.  Thanks for the mirror Billy!”

James and Billy go back to the party and James is no longer isolated – With Billy’s help, James has turned his awareness back on.  Now he can sense how other people feel.  He can also sense how he feels.  This allows him to calibrate and connect to the people around him.


It’s all about our capacity to feel / sense ourselves and the world.  This is how we are able to help ourselves and others.  To understand the question in this way allows us to really understand the state of the other person.  It is a question of care – “How are you feeling?” “Is there a difficulty in your experience to feel/sense/perceive, and can I do anything to help?”



Where is the world, wordless & wise, for mine are tied right now, and I wish they would be fried, alive,

and eaten right there, flesh, bone, and tooth, bare skin to tear, that terrible bear, whose life is naught underneath my stare.

I see his eyes collect fluid, as if from the air, then realize it – barrier, to protect, itself, how it dares.

I will be heard, this creature’s soul is mine, as is its fur, to be used and mined, for profits turned to curd, the sweetest in my belly, savory splendid jelly, of life, given by necessity, taken by force.

Aggravation of the stress I breed, continuation of the mess I leave, my collection is of gold, and rust, turn it to dust, for no one else to see.

Ashes burned by fire, so that there is something right by the matter turned to lighter, form.

Break my wrists, clasp my hands, or remove them.  I have no use to them, or them to me.  My life is free, my hate is greed, and the only thing I have is that, yes I still see.  Bring me in vision, and tear me down, I’ll show you love without bounds.  Violence is care, as I care for myself, just not myself, because I can’t care.

Rip out his heart, carry his legs, transport that meat and the rest of these slaves.  They have a purpose and there is price to be paid.  Find me a use for this blood, and I’ll double your wage.  And fear not, for this into infinity is lightness for a sage.

Carry on, keep walking, your heart is frozen, it’s better for storing.  You can keep your wool sweater, the thread is waste, cover it up, cover it up, quick!


Fake Embrace

Fake embrace, she lifts it, his heart melts over this place.

He dreams of the times once gifted, the ones he should have never tasted.

Bittersweet now, the memories of love, the mirage of man’s heart being anywhere but above, hers, or side-by-side, her hand in mind, the thing’s there he tried.

Poised in failure, Poison, his flavor, picked from favorite feelings he chose not to savor.

Give favor now to the phantom, somehow, she’ll come back, we’ll have won that, my beauty, the fiction you once clad.

Smiling Asian Man

Driving over there, view skewed, but clear in the air

Vibrations underwheel, and under spirit, nothing to steal

We ride on ocean waves, out for ever, take them and don’t save

Nothing lasts forever, never to late, believe

See the one who’s smiling, the one riding it with me