A Day in the Life – ADITL

A series of interview/documentary footage focused around careers.  Each episode follows something of this sort:

  • Intro
  • Episodic Focus (i.e. Carpenter, Recruiter, Psychologist)
  • 3 different workers of the focus career (i.e. Private practice, school, and hospital psychologists)

Different series possibilities:

  • The Office (office jobs)
  • The Field (jobs that are done outside of static environments)
  • [Industry] i.e. Auto industry, smartphone industry, etc.
  • Outlaw (illegal jobs)

Informational graphics + analysis of each job according to pertinent categories

  • Graphic including:
    • Daily hours standing/sitting/etc.
    • Daily hours on phone/typing/etc.
    • Typical/Ranges of salary
    • Other exciting/interesting topics (How many vacation days is very small on the excitement factor…you’re watching this to learn about the job, not vacation time…unless it is and unusual amount, few or many)

Footage of work environment, interviews, etc.


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