God waking up, or painting a picture, then being alerted to earth, which a slight sense surprise/disturbance.

Turning away from painting or sleeping, then hurling a lightning bolt at earth to destroy it, then turns back.


Scary Movie Idea No. Best

The beauty of darkness.  It’s a scary movie, yes, but the darkness is a character too… hard to love, and worthy of love, able to contribute its own experience.

Much like the harry potter creature, now that I think about it.

Girl in the Park

*This narrative is told entirely through her facial expressions.


Someone headed to the park w/ their mind open + the lens wide.  They are happy in their simple directive.

The confusion sets in, and they seek out a cafe since they need new ‘orders’.  The confusion and feeling stays w/ them during ordering + eating, a slight stress focused on the actions of getting food.

The food provides relief, but does not  bring them back to the freedom of the open park.

The Throne

Pre-Medieval [Tribal] society with a warrior culture competing for the throne.

  • Mortal Kombat style hierarchy.  You rise the ladder when you win.  You die when you lose.
    • ‘Hardcore’ Permanent character death in the highest ranking tournaments.
  • You can only challenge opponents within your ‘ranking range’.
  • Then, weekly tournaments determine a final… survivor… victor.
    • Weekly ‘real’ tournaments
    • Monthly ‘real’ tournaments
    • Weekly ‘practice’ tournaments
    • Daily ‘practice’ tournaments / matches
  • Servers with different tournament days, for people’s varying schedules.
  • Each server has 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc.
  • During the ‘off-time’ (non-tournament days), training will happen, allowing players to hone their skills and new players to level of to the PVP ranking.
  • The ranking will be WoW style
  • Once a player reaches a minimum practice rank, they can then apply for/enter he tournament.
  • Standard gear obtained though mario style slot machine + combining standard gear multiples and defeating other opponents (you get their gear).
  • Unique/Rare gear obtained through lottery and defeating other opponents.
  • Trading
  • Diablo/Startcraft style art/background + graphics (especially color).
  • *Interviews of top players/teams placed on the logic screen for people to watch.
  • **Game style must be one that allows for 1 person/team to be dominant for a long time based on skill
    • Standard gear must not be of significant combat advantage…only style
    • Rare gear must be HIGHLY prized (1 per server) and yet still only give minor combat advantage

Example Ladder


A Day in the Life – ADITL

A series of interview/documentary footage focused around careers.  Each episode follows something of this sort:

  • Intro
  • Episodic Focus (i.e. Carpenter, Recruiter, Psychologist)
  • 3 different workers of the focus career (i.e. Private practice, school, and hospital psychologists)

Different series possibilities:

  • The Office (office jobs)
  • The Field (jobs that are done outside of static environments)
  • [Industry] i.e. Auto industry, smartphone industry, etc.
  • Outlaw (illegal jobs)

Informational graphics + analysis of each job according to pertinent categories

  • Graphic including:
    • Daily hours standing/sitting/etc.
    • Daily hours on phone/typing/etc.
    • Typical/Ranges of salary
    • Other exciting/interesting topics (How many vacation days is very small on the excitement factor…you’re watching this to learn about the job, not vacation time…unless it is and unusual amount, few or many)

Footage of work environment, interviews, etc.


Food As a Service

It Eats You!

In the likeness of Evil Bong, a movie about people who have invented a form of entertainment that involves paying to be being eaten alive by your choice of creature.

A delivery guy shows up, you sign, and they release the velociraptor, t-rex, new augmented monsters, or any other creature known to man.

It chases you down while you either run away screaming, stand there in a stupor of awe, fear, and excitement, or try to battle the creature (Strictly prohibited by the contract.  Any damage done to the creature will be taken out of the deposit fee).



Self Judgement Analysis Examination Awareness Appreciation? Enjoyment

It’s good to be aware.  It’s better to enjoy (even the ‘negative’ emotions)



diagrams of nonverbal, contextual communication

The responsibility of the sharper, more eloquent, articulated audience is not to disprove or discredit “senseless” ideas, but to understand their source + message, and then articulate it by connecting it with what is known.  Corrections will be necessary at times, but the goal is not territorial dominance, but rather the communication and communion with that territory’s leader.


Consensus on Conspiracy

The USA’s scientific consensus cross-examined against the WHO organization’s scientific consensus.  Then an examination of those organizations vs. independent scientific findings, and their approval.


The choice to be uneducated is the choice to conspire with anyone who would use science against you.


Herd Voices

The impulse/desire/need to be heard and its interplay between social dynamics and cultural dynamics.


Nature Nurtured



Head Break

Allowing yourself to have more than 1 personality.  By setting free (or at least accepting) the repressed parts of you, you become of ALL of your selves.


Violence Mastered



1. behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

brutality, brute force, ferocity, savagery, cruelty, sadism, barbarity, brutishness

Strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.
“the violence of her own feelings”
intensity, severity, strength, force, vehemence, power, potency, fervency, ferocity, fury, fire
“the violence of his passion”

The unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.

Table of Contents

1. A brief history of violence (LINGUISTICS, SEMANTICS, AND PERCEPTION)
Theories of Genesis (Cyclical)
The Evolution of Violence

2. Entropy
Fractals of Violence
Associated Outcomes (The Butterfly Specifics)

3. Resistance
Counter-Violence [=violence]
-Acts of violence to prevent / alter other violence
-Non Violence as a form of violence
Servant and Master (to Order)

4. Mastery

A Tale of Two Ethics

This is a news website idea for people to learn about and discuss controversial issues.  The main focus / inspiration for this is the topic of factory farming.  There are websites which examine the horrors associated with CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations), but does that really tell the whole story?  What about the fact that none of those animals would even exist without the demand for meat?  Is it better for them to be even born?  Is even one day of life worth dying for?  Is 1 square foot enough for a chicken to live a decent existence?  Do we even care about that chicken’s quality of existence?  Questions like these are what I wanted to get rolling.


Key Website Elements


  • Multiple sections of news topics (today, food sourcing, labor, consumer products, celebrity issues, etc.)
  • Subsections. For example, under food sourcing: bananas, organic, pork, eggs, fish, wheat, etc.)
  • Weekly stories/updates of each sections (ex. Monday: Food Sourcing.  The article/blog could be about a new trade law, or simply a question posed by the writer).
    • Weekly updates as part of a series (i.e. 4 weeks of story on Pork Farming)
  • New topics available at thresholds of community interest + Ongoing articles**This leads into the next Key element

*Led by bloggers, powered by community (readers/commentators)

  • The stories are written by blogger(s) in communication with real-world informants.  For example, I go to 3 different farms, of various sizes/farming models.  Then I report on the practices of each, and open up the discussion for the ethics of each farming model.
    • OR
    • For the topic of food sourcing, have a subtopic: Pork.  Then examine 3 different styles of farming (i.e. CAFOs, Organic Farms, Family Farms).  And examine different farms for each of those.  (Tyson, Hormel, Whole Foods, Organic brands, Joel Salatin, etc.)
  • There is a discussion board/comment section with ‘UPVOTES’, similar to Reddit’s style.  Comments without upvotes after a certain period of time will get archived (must click “show more” to see), in order to keep the active discussion concise.
  • Track regular posters, and look for moderators within the community.  Even allow for popular commentators to compete for monthly chance to write an article.
  • Weekly updates on story follow a progression:
    • Week 1: Blog/Story about the issue
      • Comments in the discussion are read and considered.  The best points made are brought into week 2, with credit given to the commentator.
    • Week 2: Updates/Response
      • Any new research is written about.  The comments from week 1 are responded to.  I.E. “The 4 main points of interest based on ‘upvotes’: consumer cost, hidden costs, animal welfare, and farmer livelihood.”
      • Any key points main by commentators are ‘championed’.  I.E. “As JBond42007 mentioned, ‘Current CAFO methods allow for a lowering of consumer cost, but come with a host of hidden costs such as nearby environmental damage, poor animal husbandry practices, and poor working conditions for farmers/laborers”.
        • The commentator is brought to light as a ‘champion’
    • Week 3: Continue the discussion.  The captain (Blogger) sets the course, but must listen to the sailor in the crow’s nest (the readers/community/commentators) to direct where the ship (the website/discussion) can go.  Guide the discussion based upon public interest or a unique commentator opinion that needs awareness brought to it.
  • Ways of being Championed:
    • Upvotes reach a certain threshold (for example, a flat number of upvotes, or a % of upvotes based upon reader/commentator population + activity)
    • Post frequency + quality
    • A particularly unique view
    • Proven expertise (i.e. Has a video of him interviewing a farm owner)
    • Friendly blog authors

Music Video

1- scenes with 1 musician on every instrument, playing at the same time (probably already done)

2- dancing (and/or walking/dancing through the street) and using whole body dance gestures to signal arms/hands/instruments to appear playing that part of the song