God waking up, or painting a picture, then being alerted to earth, which a slight sense surprise/disturbance. Turning away from painting or sleeping, then hurling a lightning bolt at earth to destroy it, then turns back.

The Throne

Pre-Medieval [Tribal] society with a warrior culture competing for the throne. Mortal Kombat style hierarchy.  You rise the ladder when you win.  You die when you lose. 'Hardcore' Permanent character death in the highest ranking tournaments. You can only challenge opponents within your 'ranking range'. Then, weekly tournaments determine a final... survivor... victor. Weekly 'real' … Continue reading The Throne

A Day in the Life – ADITL

A series of interview/documentary footage focused around careers.  Each episode follows something of this sort: Intro Episodic Focus (i.e. Carpenter, Recruiter, Psychologist) 3 different workers of the focus career (i.e. Private practice, school, and hospital psychologists) Different series possibilities: The Office (office jobs) The Field (jobs that are done outside of static environments) [Industry] i.e. … Continue reading A Day in the Life – ADITL


Food As a Service It Eats You! In the likeness of Evil Bong, a movie about people who have invented a form of entertainment that involves paying to be being eaten alive by your choice of creature. A delivery guy shows up, you sign, and they release the velociraptor, t-rex, new augmented monsters, or any … Continue reading F A A S


Self Judgement Analysis Examination Awareness Appreciation? Enjoyment It's good to be aware.  It's better to enjoy (even the 'negative' emotions)   Communion diagrams of nonverbal, contextual communication The responsibility of the sharper, more eloquent, articulated audience is not to disprove or discredit "senseless" ideas, but to understand their source + message, and then articulate it by connecting … Continue reading Books

Music Video

1- scenes with 1 musician on every instrument, playing at the same time (probably already done) 2- dancing (and/or walking/dancing through the street) and using whole body dance gestures to signal arms/hands/instruments to appear playing that part of the song