God waking up, or painting a picture, then being alerted to earth, which a slight sense surprise/disturbance.

Turning away from painting or sleeping, then hurling a lightning bolt at earth to destroy it, then turns back.


Scary Movie Idea No. Best

The beauty of darkness.  It’s a scary movie, yes, but the darkness is a character too… hard to love, and worthy of love, able to contribute its own experience.

Much like the harry potter creature, now that I think about it.

Girl in the Park

*This narrative is told entirely through her facial expressions.


Someone headed to the park w/ their mind open + the lens wide.  They are happy in their simple directive.

The confusion sets in, and they seek out a cafe since they need new ‘orders’.  The confusion and feeling stays w/ them during ordering + eating, a slight stress focused on the actions of getting food.

The food provides relief, but does not  bring them back to the freedom of the open park.

A Day in the Life – ADITL

A series of interview/documentary footage focused around careers.  Each episode follows something of this sort:

  • Intro
  • Episodic Focus (i.e. Carpenter, Recruiter, Psychologist)
  • 3 different workers of the focus career (i.e. Private practice, school, and hospital psychologists)

Different series possibilities:

  • The Office (office jobs)
  • The Field (jobs that are done outside of static environments)
  • [Industry] i.e. Auto industry, smartphone industry, etc.
  • Outlaw (illegal jobs)

Informational graphics + analysis of each job according to pertinent categories

  • Graphic including:
    • Daily hours standing/sitting/etc.
    • Daily hours on phone/typing/etc.
    • Typical/Ranges of salary
    • Other exciting/interesting topics (How many vacation days is very small on the excitement factor…you’re watching this to learn about the job, not vacation time…unless it is and unusual amount, few or many)

Footage of work environment, interviews, etc.


Food As a Service

It Eats You!

In the likeness of Evil Bong, a movie about people who have invented a form of entertainment that involves paying to be being eaten alive by your choice of creature.

A delivery guy shows up, you sign, and they release the velociraptor, t-rex, new augmented monsters, or any other creature known to man.

It chases you down while you either run away screaming, stand there in a stupor of awe, fear, and excitement, or try to battle the creature (Strictly prohibited by the contract.  Any damage done to the creature will be taken out of the deposit fee).


Music Video

1- scenes with 1 musician on every instrument, playing at the same time (probably already done)

2- dancing (and/or walking/dancing through the street) and using whole body dance gestures to signal arms/hands/instruments to appear playing that part of the song


Cooking Videos


-1st 15 sec.

~”Hey everyone who likes things fast and direct, click here for the abbreviated video” (say this in a faster paced, excited voice)


-16 sec. on

“Or if you’d like to set back, relax, and settle in to the enjoyable experience of cooking for a little while, then join me or the next 20 minutes while we open up these joyous little beans into a world of smooth, rich, and creamy possibilities.  Feel free to cook along with me, or if you’d like, grab yourself a glass of wine, and I’ll take you through the process, step by step.  Go ahead, gather your things and meet me right back here.  I’ll wait for you.


Modern humans, maybe with a short + stocky bearded man as the protagonist(s).

The undead are a part of life (alternate universe).

The paladins go through and smoke the undead:

-hitting them w/ holy hammers, sending their parts flying + vaporized in an enjoyable manner to watch

Paladins are like plumbers going to work when a leak (undead appearance) happens.

Crack A Walnut

In honor of the great late glorious Jack Lallalanalne, let’s do something special.  Let’s follow his illustrious advice, and use our device, to create a vice.

Here we go,

Just as he directed us, stand strong, firm, feet planted…now squeeze your glutes! Squeeze them hard enough to crack a walnut between them!

*Insert man/woman demonstrating this on an actual walnut:

-he/she places the walnut


-walnut is vaporized, in a puff of finely powdered walnut debris