All is Go(o)d.

If God is for you, who can be against you?










Thank you Grandpa.


Secret Metaphor

Just the smallest bit of choosing faith, and it will begin.

The Gig

It’s the gig.  It’s all there is.  Our body, this physical realm, the invisible electromagnetic fields in between, gravity, all forces known and unknown to man.  It’s more than we can perceive, but what we can perceive is happening.  It’s what is.

Our minds, our experiences, our thoughts, our stories – they are all wrapped up within our nervous system.  They are only a fragment of reality – the whole of which is seemingly endless and interconnected.

It would seem we have to choices – two extremes:

  1. Live our lives with a focus on our mental stories and projections… the movie going on in our heads.
  2. Live our lives with an awareness that includes the external world… the reality that is actually happening, at this moment, both internal and external.

The choice seems to be one of focus – do we focus on our personal story, or on physical reality.  The answer seems pretty easy:


Here’s the kicker… #1 consumes focus like we consume oil.  Relentlessly.  Sometimes to the point of ignoring #2.  If someone’s internal reality is so strong, they can choose to ignore reality.  This can be a benefit (think of pain endurance)… or a hindrance (think of someone in a fit of rage, convinced they are right and need to win an argument).

#2 supplies #1 with good material.  There’s nothing wrong with a story – in fact, storytelling is arguably humanity’s greatest ability.  But without observance and appreciation for the present moment, our stories can get out of line pretty quickly.

#2 first, #1 second…. the opposite order of bathroom business.


How much energy can you ground?  How thick of a conduit can you be?

When it comes to emotions, whether anger, aggression, sexual energy, humor, or anything else that elicits a reaction, your ability to stay grounded is step 1.  Step 2 is being able to gather all of that static energy and to channel it back to mother earth, allowing the wildness and violence of the energy to be contained – from there, we can tap into our clear vision to make clear decisions, unmuddied by emotion.

We can also use the emotion to color our actions – but a painter must know when to use the appropriate color.


When it comes time to respond to a situation, there are a few things that determine your ability and efficiency to do so – namely:

  1. Your sense perception and body language, and therefor how you perceive the world and other people – and how they perceive you
  2. Your mental state, and therefor how clearly you perceive thoughts
  3. Your emotional state, and therefor how consciously you can control your actions


Being GROUNDED is the single greatest way to enhance all of the items listed above.


What the hell is being ‘grounded’ then?  It is simply this:  Maintaining awareness of:

  1. Your physical body (can you feel your feet right now?  If not, then you’re not fully grounded.)
  2. Your mental state (can you differentiate consciousness from your thoughts?  If not, then you’re not fully grounded.)
  3. Your emotional state (can you feel your emotions without involuntarily acting upon them?  If not, then you’re not fully grounded.)

As you may have noticed, the 3 mentioned areas of awareness correspond to the previous 3 mentioned factors in your ability and efficiency to respond.  So, all you have to do to be ‘grounded’ is to become aware – “Awareness is curative.”

Why the hell would I want to be ‘grounded’?  Isn’t it better to cast off the anchors and fly?  HERE’S THE SECRET: being ‘grounded’ is not being weighed down… it is being connected to the Earth.



The difference we must identify is in the definition of the word grounded:

adjective: grounded
  1. well balanced and sensible.
    “the kids have money and a rock-star dad, but they seem grounded”
  2. (of a pilot or an aircraft) prohibited or prevented from flying.
    “you don’t taunt a grounded flier, especially after he’s had a few beers”
    • informal
      (of a child being punished) not allowed to participate in social or recreational activities.
      “the problem is, I’ve got more grounded friends than available friends”

That’s right, none of those definitions are the right one… we need a scientific definition:

adjective: grounded
  1. A connection between an electrical conductor and the Earth has been established.

AHA! That’s the one!



Without proper grounding, electricity is dangerous.  Without proper ‘grounding’, sense perceptions, thoughts, and emotions can be dangerous, especially when they are not controlled.

Have you ever been distracted, then someone speaks to you, and you simply do not hear them?  Why didn’t you hear them?  Your ears still work.  Why? Lack of control over sense perception.

Do you ever have negative, self-destructive thoughts for seemingly no good reason?  They aren’t helping you, and they are often exaggerated or flat-out untrue.  Why? Lack of control over thought.

Have you ever done something out of anger that you regretted later?  Why did you do it?  It was clearly not the logical decision.  Why? Lack of control over emotion.

It may seem that control is the important element, but that is missing the first, and most important, step.  How do you get control over something.  You first need:


And awareness of your physical body, mental state, and emotional state will ground you, allowing you the capacity to sense clearly, think clearly, and feel clearly.  When there is a place for the excess sensory input, thoughts, and emotions to go, your own consciousness is left unburdened – free to perceive and decide freely.

So how do you become more and more aware, all the time?  Discipline.

Try it.  Don’t be lazy and take my word for it.  Try it, and if it’s true, you’ve confirmed knowledge.  You win.  If it’s not true, you’ve disproved something, and therefor have gained knowledge.  You win.  Until you try, you lose.

Blind Balance To Heal Feet and Ankles

This is not my trick – I happened upon it in a “Day in the Life” video of a dancer.  She happened to be recovering from an ankle/foot injury, and her coach instructed her to do the following…

  1. Find a clear space
  2. Balance on one foot
  3. Close your eyes

Do this for 2-5 minutes, balancing on the weak foot/ankle.

**The eyes closed part is very important.  Without sight, you brain activates a variety of muscles in your ankles in order to stabilize.

Do you want to learn more about this exercise?  Okay – try it.

Enjoy 🙂

Strategic Investment

Your investments feed organizations – they return a percentage.

Your money feeds organizations – they create a ripple.

You direct your money – it becomes labor.

You pay for labor – your investments enable organizations.

Your money feeds families – or slaves.

The organization chooses – you choose.


Life in the Shadow of Inspiration

Life in the Shadow of Inspiration

I don’t feel like writing right now.  I’m not inspired to do so…right now.  The next time I am inspired, then I will do it, and it will be wonderful. Why force it, right?

Enter Discipline

Discipline and Inspiration have two very different ways of living.  One is stern, structured, and meticulous.  The other is free flowing, spontaneous… and sometimes ferocious!  Even though they are very different, Discipline and Inspiration are the best of partners.  They both have different needs, and they both take care of each other.

Inspiration needs self-care, skillful practice, and slow continuous growth.  Without these, Inspiration feels weak and… un-inspired.  When Inspiration is in need, Discipline steps in and takes care of Inspiration.  Discipline keeps working consistently, to make sure Inspiration’s tools are in tip-top performance condition at all times.  Discipline reminds Inspiration to get to bed on time and to wake up early – Inspiration loves the sounds and smells of the morning air.  Discipline always keeps a steady progress, carrying Inspiration as high as they can go – for Inspiration delights in waking to a beautiful view.  Discipline does all these things for Inspiration, and Discipline never gets tired, for this is what makes Discipline grow.

Discipline also has needs.  And just as Discipline cares for Inspiration, Inspiration is happy to return the favor.  When Discipline has been working very hard for a very long time, Inspiration splashes some lightness on Discipline.  When Discipline is feeling a bit directionless, Inspiration reminds Discipline of the good times ahead.  And when the time is right; when Discipline has been working with great vigor and vitality to care for Inspiration, as Discipline so much likes to do; and when Inspiration is feeling strong and supported, from all the love Discipline has shared…

Inspiration takes off – soaring high into the cosmos, spiraling and dancing!  On the rays of the sun and the invisible waves of the sky, Inspiration explodes into full majesty.  Everyone sees Inspiration in this wondrous display and they all wish they could be up there… all except one.  Inspiration turns to reveal Discipline right beside, and for a moment people notice Discipline’s great wonder.  Glowing, golden radiance that shatters light itself shoots out from Discipline in all directions – a terrifying display of magnificence and awesomeness.  But this is not the joy of Discipline, for discipline lives in the Shadow of Inspiration.  This is where Discipline longs to be, and where Discipline finds rest; and so, Discipline turns his beaming, penetrating glow to Inspiration, and as it has happened a thousand times before, and yet never like this, Inspiration ignites in a magnetic flame of electric vibration, booming and bounding and breaking reality all around, letting the very essence of divinity crash through into this world.  All below remember Inspiration forever.

Been Striking Again

Extreme Ownership VS. Radical Acceptance

2 Books, seemingly opposite authors.  One a former Navy Seal and business leadership instructor, the other a psychologist and meditation teacher.

2 Books, seemingly opposite directives.  One is to own your situation entirely – complete responsibility, the other is is to accept your situation entirely – complete surrender.

How can these 2 things be reconciled?  By a genius of course, Sir Rolley Bo Rata.  I’m paraphrasing, but he said something along these lines:

“Once you stop trying to control what you cannot control, you come to realize an own what you can control”.

Much like in “The Circle of Influence” (Google it, and thank my Dad for showing it to me), we can see: the concept of control lives somewhere between the realms of fantasy and reality.  The reality of control is here, no doubt – but not easily seen.  It is buried and needs unearthing.  You can see pieces of sticking out of the ground, but what does it really look like?  It is up to us to find its true shape, highly defined.

How clearly can you define the line between control and influence?  Between influence and concern?  These are the lines between reality and fantasy, and the finer the lines, the clearer the picture.  Find your control.  Find your reality.


And read both of those books, they are golden.  If you can reconcile them, you are golden.