Quick, snip, snap and a blast - too warm to beat my heart out, and to cold to make it last Feel a breath slip in, fit, right past - emotional outreach and a sucker for trash Break the hit, split a rhythm, time fades where memories crash One fatal heartbeat fuels the man's last … Continue reading Warmup


Stock dreams are lead to me, re-up-rise, and freed to be slain, slaves, killed as braves - the heart rendered open, lies open, to grave, masters breaking free, my heart is a weapon that they only see, lead to me my own mount and fear vision of grind, the world a heartbeat and my mind … Continue reading Huh


Walking through the mountains, through the trails, and the trees and fresh air, you find a small shack with a door.  You open the door, and peer through it… It is a portal to another world.