The Hunt

Out there, hidden amongst the throng of inumerable trinkets and left-behinds.  Waiting.  The patience of this one is unusual.  Its rarity keeping it out of sight, out of mind... but not mine. A hundred thousand of them stacked in rows, lined for taking, and priced to sell.  Here, there is no hunt - just a … Continue reading The Hunt


The Society of Icarus -Pain in back = inkling of future where I'll be shot -Words of support from DJ Sir Ini ("Don't Die") -Mesmerized by small topless woman on bus -Esoteric Lessons -Giant party, I wander down below, see horror - animals trapped that need not be -I'm spotted, this is how I'm shot, … Continue reading Icarus


Keep reading, keep listening, keep seeing.  She is there for you, to nurture you back to health.  The Beauty can heal even fatal wounds - inspiration defeats the inevitability of departure.  Keep watching, keep believing, keep breathing.  He will awake, and the chrysalis will open.

A Day in the Life – ADITL

A series of interview/documentary footage focused around careers.  Each episode follows something of this sort: Intro Episodic Focus (i.e. Carpenter, Recruiter, Psychologist) 3 different workers of the focus career (i.e. Private practice, school, and hospital psychologists) Different series possibilities: The Office (office jobs) The Field (jobs that are done outside of static environments) [Industry] i.e. … Continue reading A Day in the Life – ADITL